Digital Radio Nederland


More and more people know DAB+, better known as digital radio. No creaking channels, but crystal-clear sound, great reception, more channels than ever to choose from. And it’s free of charge! It is the radio of the future. If you’re ready for a new radio -for example in your brand new car– then it’s convenient to check whether it has DAB+ in it.

This campaign for DAB+ is not about brand awareness, but about the benefits of the new technology. Within the overall concept ‘Let’s get digital’ we’ve made two TV-commercials. In the first commercial, a man brings his parrot back to the pet store, because he likes to hear something different than the same old song from the bird. In the second commercial a woman thinks something is wrong with her ears. DAB+ is the answer for both of these complaints.

Unfortunately, the videos are only available in Dutch.

DIRECTOR: Jelle de Jong