Healthy Brain

Every day we ask ourselves 1001 questions. And those questions lead to new questions. An even smarter one, or perhaps even more complicated. Until the ‘Question of Questions’ comes up, of which you cannot imagine that there is an answer to it. Or is there an answer and is it simpler than we think?

Every day more than 600 scientists from Radboud University, Radboudumc and the Max Planck Institute are engaged into brain research, the developments and the application of these outcomes. Because if we understand the brain, we may understand everything.

The campaign is intended to inform students, scientists, surgeons and investors about the existence of the platform Healthy Brain. In addition, the film is also used in presentations/lectures all over the world as a conversation starter.

The Brain Monologues is a series that addresses several areas of brain research. This is the first film in the series.

DIRECTOR: Dennis Lubbers