Haarwensen België

The Haarwensen Foundation exists for more than 8 years in the Netherlands and has already provided over 1000 children – who have lost their hair due to illness or chemotherapy – with a free hairpiece. In Belgium, over 500 kids lose their hair every year. Together with my former Flemish colleague, Dieter Vanhoof, I came up with this introduction campaign for Haarwensen Belgium. In addition to this volunteer project, we also restyled the logo, helped Haarwensen Belgium from A to Z with the launch and the PR.

The campaign shows how two hair donors donate 30 centimeters of their hair to two girls who have become bald due to illness and medical treatments. The campaign is intended to inform residents of Belgium, but also hairdressers and hospitals, about the existence of Haarwensen who donates free wigs to children up to the age of 18 years.

The photography of the SHARE YOUR HAIR campaign is made by the Belgian top photographer Frieke Janssens. The before- and after-portraits are for sale and the proceeds are entirely for the benefit of Haarwensen Belgium.

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Client: Haarwensen NL/BE
Creatives: Cheriëtte Lagrouw and Dieter Vanhoof
Project Manager: Lina Mertens
Photographer: Frieke Janssens
Assistent photographer: Tim Coppens
Executive Producer: Roxane Lemaire
Producers: Camille Cieters, Kim Kenis and Jaan Wouters
Post-production: Annelien Debusschere
Film Production Company: ADULT
Making of: Josete Huedo
Interviewer: Kris Vander Gracht
Models: Vivian Michailenko, Ella Louise Gerinckx,
Colette Notenboom and Yanti Vermeulen
Styling: Marieke De Pauw and Liza Babylon
Make-up: Martena Duss
Hairdresser: Annick De Jaeger and Cathy Van Gele